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Grand Tour of Egypt & Alexandria

Duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights

Start Point: Cairo

Availability: Every Friday

Languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish (on request)

Departure Point: Cairo

Min. Pax:

Overview and Highlights

This grand tour of Egypt takes the best of Egypt tour and adds to it the Mediterranean city of Alexandria and the stunning temple of Abu Simble. It allows you to explore the vast majority of the wonderful ancient Egyptian historical sites in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, Luxor, which is the biggest open air museum, the amazing city of Aswan, Abu Simble and Alexandria.


  • Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza and the  the Sphinx;

  • Explore the old pyramids of Saqqara and visit the once capital of Egypt Saqqara;

  • Unveil the Egyptian Museum of Antiques;

  • Walk on the streets of the Old Citadel of Salah el Din;

  • Explore the Coptic and Islamic Cairo;

  • Haggle like an Egyptian at Khan El Khalili market;

  • Take a 4 nights cruise from Luxor;

  • Visit Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple and the Valley of the Kings;

  • Explore the highlights of Luxor - the biggest open air Museum;

  • Visit the High Dam, the unfinished obelisk, Philae Temple, Kom Ombo temple and Edfu Temple;

  • Wonder Elephantine Island on a felucca;

  • Visit the majestic temple of Abu Simble by road;

  • Visit the Mediterranean city of Alexandria by road;


Day 1 - Cairo 

Arrive to Cairo International Airport where you will be met with our representative and transferred to the hotel in Cairo by air-conditioned vehicle with qualified driver. Arrival to your hotel in Cairo, you will check in the hotel within few minutes! Then you will proceed to your nice room to have some rest before the beginning of your awesome tour in Cairo.
At night, free at leisure on your own in Cairo, the capital, clean, safe and modern city. You can take the chance to go for a marvelous “Optional Tour” to Islamic Cairo in Mouiz Street, where you can visit the most unique collection of our Islamic monuments like Al Hakim mosque, Al Aqmar Mosque, Beit El Sehemy and other interesting places. After your optional tour, you will get back to your hotel to spend your first night in Egypt before the superb coming days enjoying your holiday in the land of the Pharaohs. [No Meals]


Day 2 - Cairo 

After breakfast, you will be met with our professional Egyptologist who will join you today in order to add more amazement to your trip.

Your unique tour in Cairo starts with The Pyramids of Giza, the most popular monument in the world. Constructed around 2500 BC as the necropolis of the kings of the forth dynasty, there is the pyramid of Cheops or the Grand Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the smaller pyramid of Menkaure, and the marvelous sphinx constructed with a body of a lion and the head of a human.
Our next stop will be to Saqqara Pyramids complex, the royal burial site of the 3rd dynasty of the Old Kingdom in Egypt and one of the richest archaeological places in Egypt with treasures being discovered until today. The highlight and the centerpiece of Saqqara is the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the oldest surviving stone monument in the whole world and the first proper pyramid to ever be constructed in Egypt in the 27th century BC. This would be a marvelous chance to understand the evolution of the pyramids building in ancient Egypt. The step pyramid is considered to be one of the most important landmarks of pyramids construction in Egypt.

Our last stop of the day will be to Memphis, the first capital of unified Egypt. Established in 32nd century BC by KingNarmer after he unified Upper and Lower Egypt. The city served as the seat of the government until the 22nd century. However, all the displayed exhibited in the open-air museum we will explore today belong to the New Kingdom with the highlights being the amazing Colossi of Ramses II, the alabaster sphinx, and many other statues and items.

Later on, you will proceed to have the lunch meal at local restaurant. After lunch we will drive back to the hotel for rest and refresh.

At night, free at leisure on your own in Cairo or (optional) sound & light show at Giza pyramids, where the startling sphinx will tell you the whole story and history behind the creation of the pyramids in an entertaining blend of sounds and lights. Finally, we will get back to the hotel for overnight. (Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 3 – Cairo 

Breakfast meal will be served at your hotel. After that, you’ll join your expert tour guide in such awe-inspiring tour in the city center of Cairo. We begin our visits of the day by exploring The Egyptian Museum, the largest museum in the world with a huge collection of displays dating back to various periods of the ancient Egyptian history with the highlights being the golden exhibits of Tutankhamen, the mummies’ hall, large impressive reliefs, statues, and many other fascinating items.
Our next visit will be to the Citadel, constructed in the 10th century by Salah El Din to protect Egypt and became the residence of the rulers of Egypt for a period that lasted more than seven centuries. The citadel itself is one of the most impressive medieval fortresses and it contains many remarkable monuments like the famous Mosque of Mohamed Ali, the Mosque of El Nasser Mohamed, and many interesting museums. This is besides offering the guests amazing panoramic views of the city of Cairo. Later on, you will enjoy your lunch meal at local restaurant

After lunch we will proceed to Coptic Cairo area, a part in the Egyptian capital that hosts some of the most interesting Coptic monuments in the country. We will start our Coptic tour by visiting The Hanging Church, first established in the 5th century and one of the most important historical churches in Egypt. Our next visit in Coptic Cairo will be to the Abu Serga Church, believed to be constructed where the holy family rested at the end of their journey, it was constructed in the 7th century. Our last visit in Coptic Cairo will be to the Church of Saint Mary, an orthodox church, built during the 5th century, restored and rebuilt many times afterwards.

After the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Cairo for rest and refresh. At night, free at leisure on your own in Cairo or (Optional) we can offer Dinner Nile Cruise with the most delicious open buffet, a Tanoora show, a belly dancing performance, live music, and remarkable views of the river Nile.

Finally, we will get back to the hotel for overnight. (Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 4 – Cairo - Luxor Nile Cruise

Enjoy your wonderful buffet breakfast at the hotel. After that, you will be met with our English-speaking representative, who will transfer you by private A/C vehicle to Cairo International Airport in order to catch your domestic flight to Luxor.

Upon arrival to Luxor International Airport, you’ll be met with our local representative there who will welcome you at the airport to help and assist you in all formalities.
We will then leave the airport and proceed to our five-star Nile cruiser for check in, rest and refresh. Enjoy your lunch meal on board, then we will start our tour in the East Bank of Luxor with Karnak Temples, the largest Pharaonic temple complex in the world. Constructed over a period of more than one thousand years, almost all the impressive items of the Karnak we see today date back to the new kingdom specially the huge amazing columns of the hypostyle hall. 
Our next visit of the day will be to the Luxor Temple, another startling temple which was established around the 14th century BC and the construction continued for many years afterwards by Ramses II, Queen Hatshepsut, and many other Pharaohs. The temple is featured with its variety of design outlines and architecture. This is besides the huge two statues of Ramses II which ornaments the façade of the temple.

After the tour, we will get back to the Nile cruiser for rest & refresh.

Enjoy your Afternoon tea on board while relaxing on the sundeck facing the amazing view of the Nile. We have many optional tours so you can enjoy in Luxor, however, the most attractive tour is the sound & light show at the Karnak Temple to enjoy the interesting show where you get to know the stories behind the construction of many sections of the temple and many facts about the different Pharaohs and kings who contributed to the construction of this marvelous complex.

Finally, you will get back to your Nile Cruiser for Overnight. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 5 – Nile Cruise (Luxor)

Early Morning time is free at leisure or (Optional) you can enjoy a Hot-air Balloon adventure to explore Luxor from the sky, having amazing views of the city. It is as if you are a bird flying across the marvelous monuments of Luxor.
Enjoy your delicious breakfast before exploring the West bank of Luxor, the city of the dead where many marvelous mortuary temples and necropolises are located.

Our first visit of the day will be to the Valley of the Kings, the richest and most fascinating ancient tombs in Egypt. This was the burial site of the kings from the New Kingdom. This includes the marvelous tomb of Tutankhamen, discovered intact by Howard Carter in 1922 as the most important archaeological discovery in the 20th century. The tombs are featured with marvelous wall painting which survived until today.

The next visit will be to the Temple of Deir El Bahari, which was constructed during the reign of the 18th dynasty by Queen Hatshepsut, one of the greatest rulers of Egypt. The Temple is featured with its many terraces, the statues of the Queen with a beard, and its magnificent location carved out of one of the great mountains of Thebes.

Our last visit at the West Bank will be to the Colossi of Memnon, these two huge statues are the only remaining items of the great funerary temple of Amenhotep III constructed in 1350 BC and became a landmark of Luxor afterwards.

After the tour, we will get back to the Nile cruiser to have our delicious lunch meal on board.

Enjoy your Afternoon tea on board while relaxing on the sundeck facing the amazing view of the Nile. At night, we will enjoy the funniest party on board “Galabeiya Party” or listen to international music. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)


Day 6 – Nile Cruise (Edfu and Kom Ombo)

Energizing breakfast will be served on board before our full day tour. Our Nile Cruise ship will land at the location of the Temple of Horus in Edfu, the finest preserved ancient Egyptian temple in the land of the Nile. It was constructed by the Ptolemies in the 3rd century BC for the worship of the god Horus. The temple is featured with its marvelous stone columns and fascinating wall carvings.
After visiting the amazing temple of Edfu, you will get back to the ship, so we can enjoy the lunch on board while sailing to the city of Kom Ombo. Enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Nile from the sundeck.

Arrange yourself for the second visit of the day, whereas we will meet Temple of Kom Ombo, established in the Ptolemaic period and completed in the Roman era, the temple is dedicated to two gods, the local crocodile, Sobek and the famous eagle god, Haroeris. This was why the temple was divided into two sections; one for each god.

Finally, you will be transferred back to your Nile cruise ship for rest and refresh. Enjoy the afternoon tea on the sundeck, so you can relax on board while enjoying the amazing scene of the Nile River.

Evening time is free at leisure to attend the Egyptian folklore show in the ship with an unforgettable belly dancer and many other entertaining performances included in your Nile cruise package. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 7 – Nile Cruise (Aswan)  

Enjoy your buffet breakfast on board.

You begin your visits of the day by exploring the High Dam, constructed in the 1960s by the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abd El Nasser. The dam helped Egypt to store the water from the flood of the River Nile and it also generates a large volume of the electricity of Egypt. It is also considered to be a great architectural achievement.
We will then ride in a motorboat to reach Agilika Island, the new location of the marvelous Philae Temple, constructed in the 3rd century BC in the Greco Roman era as the center of the worship of the goddess Isis. It is one of the most remarkable ancient Egyptian temples that were relocated after the construction of the High Dam and the water of the River Nile affected many historical monuments, the temple was transferred under a huge project funded by many nations and supervised by the UNESCO.

Later enjoy a peaceful sailing with a felucca ride around the Islands in Aswan – possibility to enter the botanical garden.

After the day tour, we will drive back to our Nile cruiser, so we can enjoy the tasty lunch. Afternoon, free at leisure on board in order to relax beside the pool on the sundeck and enjoy the incomparable view of the River Nile. Dinner meal will be served on board before the farewell show – Overnight in Aswan. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 8 – Aswan / Abu Simble / Cairo 

Check out after having your breakfast.

Later on,we will be ready to drive by our A/C vehicle towards Abu Simbel, located to the south of Aswan, near Nubia. Upon arrival, we will proceed to visit the Abu Simbel Temples, simply the greatest achievement of ancient Egypt. Constructed by Ramses II, the two temples are cut out of rocks and buried under the sand for centuries before being discovered in the 19th century. The temples were actually relocated after the building of the High Dam by a UNESCO project.
After a memorable tour of the temple of Abu Simbel, we will drive back to Aswan Airport in order to catch your domestic flight back to Cairo.

Upon arrival to Cairo Airport, you’ll be met with our English-speaking representative who will transfer you by our A/C vehicle to your hotel in Cairo for check in, rest and refresh. At night, free at leisure on your own in Cairo, the capital, safe, clean and modern city. Finally, you’ll get back to your hotel for overnight. (Breakfast)

Day 9 - Alexandria Day tour

After breakfast, you will be met with our professional Egyptologist, who will join you in such amazing tour in the second capital of Egypt or the “bride of the Mediterranean sea”, Alexandria. Distance between Cairo and Alexandria takes around three hours by car. Maybe it is a bit long time, but really the sites there deserves it.
Begin our tour in Alexandria by visiting the Library of Alexandria, with the ancient library being established in the 3rd century BC and destroyed in the 1st century BC, the library we see today which is a huge wonderful architectural work, was opened in 2002.

Our next visit will be to the Roman Amphitheatre, discovered in 1960, the theatre which was established in the 4th century BC with its marble steps is one of its kind in Egypt.

Later on, we will proceed to have lunch in one of the best local restaurants in Alexandria.

After lunch, We will then visit Qaitbay Citadel (from outside), this citadel was established in the 16th century and became the landmark of Alexandria today then we will be ready to drive back to Cairo.

Arrive to Cairo and transfer to your hotel for Overnight. (Breakfast & Lunch)


Day 10 - Cairo / Departure

Check out after breakfast. Later on, you’ll be met with our English-speaking representative who will transfer you by private A/C vehicle to Cairo International Airport in order to catch your departure flight carrying wonderful memories about your last trip to this destination of the world, Egypt. (Breakfast)



Price includes:

  • 05 nights’ accommodation in Cairo on (Bed & Breakfast) basis.

  • 04 nights’ accommodation on board Nile Cruiser on (Full Board) basis.

  • Internal flight tickets Cairo / Luxor - Aswan / Cairo via Egypt Air based on ``Tourist Class``

  • Meet and assist by our Professional English-speaking representatives.

  • Entrance fees to all the indicated historical sites, temples, museums, etc.

  • Professional English-speaking Egyptologists in all the indicated historical sites.

  • Lunch meals at local restaurants during the tour in Cairo and Alexandria

  • All tours mentioned as included during the cruise, with English speaking guide;

  • All transfers from airport to hotel with a private air-conditioned van and English-speaking assistant 

Price excludes:

  • International flights City of Origin/Cairo/City of Origin

  • Entry Visa to Egypt 

  • Personal expenses and tipping 

  • Drinks with meals

  • Optional tours on the cruise

  • Any extra not mentioned clearly above. 


Accommodation 4 Stars: 

Cairo: Barcelo Pyramids or similar

Nile cruise: Semiramis Nile Cruise or similar


Accommodation 5 Stars: 

Cairo: Fairmont Nile City or similar

Nile cruise: Amwaj Nile Cruise or similar

Optional tours:

- Islamic Cairo Tour on day 1;

- Sound and Light show at the Pyramids;

- Dinner Nile Cruise in Cairo;

- Nubian Village in Aswan;

- Hot Air balloon in Luxor;

- Sound and light show at Karnak Temple;


- This tour operates on a private basis with minimum 2 participants;

- This tour can be tailor-made to fit your requirements;

- The optional tours are purchased to the guide on board;

- This tour starts on a Friday from Cairo, but it can be reorganized if needed;

- The tour operates in English by default, but other languages are possible upon request;

- Extend this tour for a few days on the beach in  Hurghada. Ask us for the add-on;






Overview and Highlights
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